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Zahia Dehar (born 25 February 1992) is a former prostitute and French lingerie designer best known for her role in an underage prostitution scandal.

Dehar was born in Ghriss, Algeria, in 1992. Despite not speaking French, she moved to Champigny-sur-Marne in France with her mother and younger brother at the age of 10.

In 2008, when she was 16, Dehar was allegedly paid for sex by Sebastian Ariza Medina, and by Franck Ribéry and Karim Benzema, the latter of whom are both players on the French national football team. The age of consent in France is 15, but prostitution is legal only if the worker is over the age of 18. The investigation began in 2010, just before the French team participated in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which resulted in significant immediate celebrity for Dehar. If convicted, the players would have faced up to three years in prison and a €45,000 fine each, while Dehar faced no criminal charges, as prostituting oneself is not a crime under French law. In November 2011, prosecutors asked for the cases against Ribéry and Benzema be dropped, saying that the players were not aware that Dehar was a minor.

Dehar’s involvement in this scandal. and other acts, such as posting indiscreet photos on Twitter, have earned her the nickname la scandaleuse (literally, „the scandalous“) in the French press.