Schlagwort-Archive: Louis Feuillée



„A Monster Born of a Ewe“. In: „Journal des Observations Physiques, Mathematiques et Botaniques ….“ by Louis Feuillee, 1660-1732.

Feuillée scientifically described many South American plants for the first time. He also described a monster born of a ewe that he was permitted to see in Buenos Aires:

„The monster which is shown in the figure appeared in Buenos Aires on August 26. The contrast of three resemblances which it had, that of a child, a horse, and a calf, surprised all who saw it. I asked the person who showed it to me if I could examine it in order to describe it faithfully, but he never allowed me to do this. I examined it from quite close and drew its principal traits without his noticing. As soon as I returned to my room, having all the information about the monster vividly in my memory, it furnished what was missing from the drawing. I completed it and represented it in its natural color.“